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Popular Feature Requests

Hey everyone! 

This forum is brand new, which makes it hard to know the kind of feature requests we usually hear and whether someone else has already piped up with your idea.

To help with that, I thought I'd share some of our most popular feature requests. Definitely let us know if these are things you want too, because we prioritize features that lots of people care about.

Integrations People Have Asked For

 These are the most frequently requested integrations. 

  • O365 and Outlook
  • Zoom Video Conferencing 
  • Google Docs
  • Teamwork PM
  • Atlassian Jira

Meeting Features

Meetings are what we do, so we get lots of requests for things people would like to see added or tweaked about our meeting support. These are the most common requests.

  • Better Smart Lists!
    This one comes up in many forms. Like a list that only shows notes from a specific agenda item, or a list that shows open action items created during a certain time frame. 
  • A way to organize and edit the agenda at the same time
  • Support for YouTube videos and other rich media in the agenda

Management Features

Before the meeting, after the meeting, here's what people ask for most.

  • Action Item reminders
    We recently added weekly action item email reminders. People also want a way to send reminders for specific action items.
  • More reporting
  • A way to move meetings from one meeting room to another


At the Enterprise level, we often work with IT. Here are some of the IT-centered requests we hear.

  • SSO and identity management via OKTA and/or Centrify
  • Better support for large conference calls (100+ people)

What do you think? Are any of these ideas on your wish list? What do you hope we'd add?

We're looking forward to learning what you think!

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