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Action Items: Multiple Owners

Multiple owners for action items would be very beneficial.

Requested by Rene Jeddore

We've heard this one before, and there are a couple of ways to interpret it. The version we've discussed supporting would make it possible to enter multiple owners for an action item, with the expectation that each of these people needs to complete that action independently.  That way, note takers can write the task down once and then have copies automatically created for each person who needs to do it.

An example of the use case we're intending to support would be something like this:

Task: Submit your nominations for employee of the month.

Due: Friday

Owner: John, Tony, Shari, Sumai, Lisa (All team leads)

The expectation would be that each of those people needs to submit their nominations, and mark their copy of the action item complete.

The other possible interpretation of this request works like this:

Task: Decide where we'll have our next Board meeting.

Due: Friday

Owner:  Shari and Bill

In that example, the task only needs to be done once and either Shari or Bill could mark the action item complete. 

We are not planning to support this later version, but I can suggest some alternate ways to get that result if that's what's desired here.

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In our case an example would have been:

Task: Setup and issue employee ID cards.
Due: Friday
Owner: Rene and Mary

Each of us played a part in this. Once I had the setup complete I could mark my part complete and the item would show that progress is being made. When Mary is done she could mark herself complete and the overall item would be marked as complete.

In which case the fact that you are planning on supporting this is great!


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If I may chime in here Ger... we evaluated well over 10 meeting solutions and overall this one was tops. I have made feature requests in the past couple months and Lucid has already implemented a number of them. I would ask for a timeline to see if and when this may be implemented and base a decision on that. I am waiting on a couple of requests to be implemented, but in the meantime I am working around them as the overall system wins hands down.


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Hi all,

We met today to discuss development priorities and bumped this request up on the list. There are a few requests in the queue before this one (like rolling up motions so they're easier to review) but this is now officially planned.  I would guess this means we'll get to it within the next 6 weeks, but it's too soon to have a firm date. 

We'll update this topic when we begin work on this feature and give you a more confident timeline.



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Hi Elise Thank you.  This is very positive news.  Its also good to see that a company is prepared to listen to its userbase and plan accordingly.    Regards Ger

And Elise's response has been my general experience with the support offered by Lucid in my short few months using the software.


This feature is now available! See our announcement post:

I would like to be able to add a number of team members to an action which is the same for all but needs to be completed independently by each person for their department.  how can I do this without duplicating the action 6 times and adding a unique owner to each action

Hi Ger,

Right now, the only way to do this is to literally make 6 items. I think it's pretty clear that this would be a popular feature for us to tackle soon!

Ah that's a real problem. Right now in a process of comparing 3 applications to chose 1. I'd say this is a deal breaker for me. Everything else I need you seem to have in the application. It seems such a simple function and necessary and yet there are nice to have features implemented prior to this. How long before you could have this even in beta format.
Thank you Rene. I do like the Application. I like the simplicity of the it but with the functionality behind, and the interface and the meeting agenda prep and minutes functionality are great. II like the tasks and freeform creation of tasks to help workflow with no meetings. I am happy to hear that the Lucid team are good at dealing with proposals. I have a team I work with and this will be a first foray into App support of our work. I can imagine a work around. If I could get a reasoanble timeline from Lucid I would invest. Being honest if the feature was there this morning I would have invested. I have looked at a few others Apps, and this has been my preferred option barring this small missing function for multiple action assignment. Thank you again for your positive proposal. Your positive experience is certainly good news.
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