About appear.in

From the appear.in website:

The appear.in team currently consists of 14 people, and operates as an independent startup within the incubator environment of Telenor Digital. 

Telenor Digital have been working with in-house development of communication products based on WebRTC since 2012. The long term ambition for appear.in is to create a global video communication service that users love and use frequently.  

Website: appear.in

About this Integration

Using our appear.in integration makes it easy to coordinate and launch appear.in video calls for your meetings.

When you use appear.in with Lucid Meetings, you'll see:

  • Options to enable appear.in video conferencing
  • Option to select appear.in calling when scheduling a meeting
  • appear.in instructions in meeting invitations
  • Buttons to launch and join the group appear.in call during the meeting

How to Use appear.in with Lucid Meetings

To enable the appear.in integration:

  1. Click on the organization name in the navigation to go to the Organization home page.
  2. Click the Settings tab and the Add a new integration link.
  3. Click the Add integration button for the appear.in integration.
  4. Set the integration options then click Enable

To use appear.in in a meeting:

  1. Select Video conferencing by appear.in for the Audio selection when you add a new meeting
  2. Start your meeting and click the Join video call button

Troubleshooting Issues with appear.in in Lucid Meetings

I started the meeting, but don't see any buttons to join the video call. What do I do?

Ensure you are using one of the supported WebRTC capable browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

One of the people I invited can't use appear.in. What should I do?

Ask the person to switch to a supported web browser. Alternatively, select a different audio option for the call.