Welcome to Lucid Meetings!

We want to make sure that every new Lucid account owner can pick up the key features and hit the ground running as swiftly as possible. After all, the faster you learn how to use Lucid, the more quickly you can begin running productive meetings with your team and making everyone’s life that much better.

Scroll to see screenshots of the main areas in Lucid Meetings, or download the PDF version of this tour linked at the bottom of the page.

Dashboard (Today)

Get a quick view of this week’s meetings, the people you’re meeting, and any action items coming due.

The menu bar across the top connects you to your account and provides quick access to add a new meeting.

Screenshot showing today's meetings at top, the schedule for the week, and tasks to complete.
Screenshot: The Dashboard shows what you need to take care of today.

Main Menu & Actions Menus

There when you need it, out of your way when you don’t. Open the main menu to find links to your organization account and meeting rooms.

Screenshot showing the menu with your personal items at the top, then the list of organizations and rooms that you can access.
Screenshot: the main "Menu" expanded

You’ll also find "Actions" dropdown menus on many pages. Expand these to find more options.

Screenshot of the Actions dropdown containing links to less frequently needed features.
Screenshot: the "Actions" dropdown for a meeting

Organization Home Page

Keep tabs on all the meetings your teams hold. Customize with your logo, and click the tabs to manage rooms, people, and organization settings.

Screenshot showing tabs to manage the organization structure and settings.
Screenshot: the basic setup of an organization account

Room Home Page

A home for each team and project’s meeting history. Access past meeting records, documents and action items. Managers see buttons to add new meetings, manage the people in the room, and change room settings.

Screenshot of a meeting room, showing the meeting calendar and tabs for documents, action items, and the roster.
Screenshot: the collaborative record of all meetings in that room

Before a Meeting

Visit a meeting before (or after) to work with the agenda, add people to the invitations list, and update meeting settings.

Screenshot showing tabs for editing the agenda, participant list, and meeting settings.
Screenshot: preparing for a meeting

Running a Meeting

As a facilitator, you’re in charge during the meeting. You can add notes, change the agenda item, and control what the other people attending get to do.

Screenshot of a meeting in progress.
Screenshot: the facilitator's view of a meeting in progress. Participants see fewer options.