Working with Agendas (beta)

We're rolling out a new version of our agenda editor. For a time, both the "classic" editor and the new, "beta," editor, will be available. 

For background on agendas and instructions for the classic agenda editor, see Working With Agendas

To switch to the new editor, click the Switch to beta button at the top of the agenda tab. (You will be able to switch back if you want to.)

Screenshot: the Agenda editor tab on a meeting home page, showing the text "You are using the classic agenda editor" and the "Switch to beta" button.Click "Switch to beta" to try the new editor! 

Some of the key changes you'll see in the new editor are: 

  • No more "Edit" and "Organize" modes;  a single mode combines both. 
  • A focused agenda item editor with form fields and buttons for content (replacing the "actions menu" of the classic editor)

Adding or Moving Agenda Items

Agenda editor, showing three agenda items with a menu button next to each, and an "Add Agenda Item" button at the endThe new agenda editor, with a basic agenda

You can add an agenda item to the end of the agenda by using the "Add Agenda Item" button. You can also add an item above or below any individual item using the item's menu: 

Screenshot of an agenda item menu, showing the actions Edit, Add item above, Move up, Move down, Move in, Move out, Add item below, and Delete. Some actions are dimmed.The actions menu for an agenda item

The agenda item menu also offers options to move the item, edit it, or delete it. Options that aren't appropriate for an item (for example, "Move up" on the first item in the agenda) are dimmed. 

You can also drag-and-drop items to rearrange them, and there are + (plus) buttons that appear when you hover between items, which you can use to insert a new agenda item.

Editing an Agenda Item

Choose Edit from an agenda item's menu, or double-click it, to edit. The item will expand, showing editable form fields and additional options. 

An agenda item expanded for editing, with editable fields for the title, timer, presenter, and description, buttons for adding Documents, Activities, and Motions, and an "Add Sub-item" button.

The editor for a single agenda item

You can edit the item title, timer (number of minutes), presenter, and description directly. Use the buttons below the description field to add: 

  • Documents:
    • Files uploaded from your computer
    • Documents from the meeting room
    • Files from Box*
    • Files from Dropbox*
    • URLs (links) 
    • Smartsheets*
  • Activities: 
  • Motions

* If enabled in your organization

The Add sub-item button gives you another way to add an item to the agenda, as a sub-item of this one. 

The agenda editor saves your changes automatically as you edit. Click Done or hit the Escape key to close the editor. 


We welcome your feedback on this editor. If you have trouble doing something, especially if it drives you back to the classic editor, please let us know! Of course, we'd also love to hear what you like about it. Send us a note here.