January 13, 2017 - version 2.16.68 - New feature for quickly adding Decisions, Issues, Parking lot items

Boom! This is a big feature release, with new in-meeting and pre/post-meeting features. More work on bulk downloads and uploads.  We've always had support for Decisions, Issue, and Parking Lot notes (in addition to action items), but we've spent a bit of effort to make those easier to find. Yeah, even we missed out on using them and that's saying something. Lots to love this week.


  • New Decision, Issue, Parking Lot pre-tagged note buttons
  • Lots of styling to make these tags look pretty
  • New room home tab, Tags, that appears when there are tagged notes
  • Tag list on the Tag tab is footable filtered, sortable, searchable
  • New feature to download all tagged notes in a room
  • New feature to download all action items in a room
  • New feature to upload a spreadsheet of action items in a room
  • Invitation tweaks to address an issue with time zones on Outlook for Mac used by people travelling
  • Make the error handling and processing for RSVPs more granular
  • Updated es and fr translations
  • Fixed CSS for dropdowns on the correct branch this time

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