January 19, 2017 - version 2.16.69 - New feature for offline editing of action items

More Boom! In this week's update we've expanded the bulk edit capabilities for action items. In particular, you can now download the AIs to a local spreadsheet, edit like crazy, then re-upload that sheet to record changes in Lucid (and any sync'd integrations, so that's cool). We've also improved the daily meeting reminder email to include a personalized list of Open Action Items for each meeting attendee. No more shirking your action item responsibility, bucko.

But really, the best part of this release are the fixes and improvements to the RSVP notification handler. When someone accepts a Lucid Meeting on their calendar (Outlook, Google, Apple iCal) those calendars send us an acceptance notification, and sometimes those notifications include comments. We decided to fix the bug that caused us to ignore all that.  It's really cool.


  • RSVP handling improvements (the main reason for this release)
  • Assign action items to uninvited guests during a meeting
  • Action item bulk upload can handle Kavi export directly
  • Action item bulk editing via upload
  • Action items in daily reminder email (with Mark complete link)
  • Action item table display improvements (small changes, language)
  • Show meeting RSVPs on meeting home until meeting adjourned

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