January 26, 2017 - version 2.16.70 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

This is a minor update with fixes and improvements to our previous fixes and improvements. This should be well received by admins receiving RSVP comment notes without meaningful (or any) content. Our language translators also completed a review of the Spanish and French translations, so we've applied a bunch of suggested changes. We do have ~100 more strings to translate, but that's a mere pittance compared to the 5,000 plus strings in the overall translation set. Sorry folks, no more Spanglish for you!


  • Save the user's language pref when logging in via a language-specific login page
  • Linguistic updates for Spanish and French languages
  • Technical fixes for non-English language support
  • Allow non-managers to download room action items
  • Don't save or forward whitespace-only RSVP comments (a surprisingly common effect for Outlook RSVPs)
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