January 28, 2017 - version 2.16.71 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

This is another quick update with some easy improvements clearly in sight. Isn't it interesting how one update just screams for another? They run in packs. Anyway, there are a few language / localization fixes in here - minor stuff you tend to run into after a massive translation update. The most interesting UI improvement is replacing the link to the user profile page (in the top nav) with a drop menu of key user profile options, including a handy logout link. It's amazing how such a small change can add to daily usability!

TTFN. Some big updates coming your way soon.


  • Do not prompt to set English language if no other language is currently set.
  • Translation token fix (Via changed the token)
  • Replace top nav 'Account' with user profile menu.
  • Slight calendar tweak for Today view.
  • Dashboard meetings presentation tuneup (following translation work).
  • Fixed color bug on certain themes, dropdown spacing and accidentally huge doc uploader boxes
  • Fix caching bug with the formatted member name. Sheesh.
  • Show the picture instead of user name in the top nav.
  • Add visuallyhidden support for the user picture in nav.
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