February 7, 2017 - version 2.16.73 - New feature for weekly action item reminders

This update expands the Lucid Meetings notification system with a new weekly (on Sundays) reminder email for upcoming meetings and open action items. This notification builds on the daily meetings reminder, with the added benefit of coming farther ahead of the due dates on open action items. Also, the reminder is sent whether people have upcoming meetings or not, so people who've  made commitments get a little prompting between meetings. The setting is user-controllable, allowing individuals to opt-out of notifications.


  • Spanish translation updates
  • Use moment to format dates from model, rather than toLocaleDateString
  • Provide defaults for name format (for adding a new user)
  • Persist user data changes within a session
  • Make it possible to add Smartsheets to templates
  • Don't show preview link for Smartsheet outside of a running meeting
  • Slight improvements for meet now (add room guests)
  • Weekly reminder email with upcoming meetings and/or open action items
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