February 27, 2017 - version 2.16.80 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

We've been burning through our backlog of wish lists, feature requests, minor annoyances, and just plain defects. There's something quite awesome about taking some time to kill all those pesky little things nipping around the edges of your brain.


  • New account holder welcome tour
  • Tour updates to the new account holder welcome tour :)
  • Reclassify the Smartsheet integration in "Project Management" (case 10194).
  • Fixes for the Turbobridge configuration interface (case 10146).
  • Add description for TB numbers country code in the configuration interface (case 10206).
  • Require people to select a template on the find-a-time page (case 10129).
  • Do not list unscheduled, canceled meetings (case 10108).
  • Add a button link to the template gallery on the room Select Template page (case 10109).
  • Only send 10-minute meeting reminders when the meeting is PENDING (case 9476).
  • Remove an HTML element ID collision so we can access the More content again (bad, JK, bad)
  • Add upcoming_meeting_summaries to member API embeds for the Chrome extension
  • Smart list config: use start_time instead of end_time for 'on or after' a meeting.
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