March 21, 2017 - version 2.16.84 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

Well, it's been nearly a week so we thought it would be fun to push out some requested and welcome enhancements (and a few fixes here and there - but really, one person's fix is another person's enhancement I like to say). Today's theme seems to center around some in-meeting durability and a few changes to the general user experience.

For the in-meeting improvements, look for better error handling of Glance screen sharing timeouts. We observed cases in which a meeting presenter failed to authorize the screen sharing request, leaving everyone else who wanted to share their screen high and dry. To address this, we've improved the timeout handling to automatically stop Glance. We've also added facilitator controls that allow any facilitator to manually close a Glance session that has timed out.

We've also improved detection of double-click (or triple click, quadruple click) for people starting computer audio. Once the button has been clicked, we need to negotiate the connection with the conference bridge, including some WebRTC checking for STUN and TURN server requirements. This can take a couple seconds and people were impatiently clicking and re-clicking the button, causing multiple web audio connections and wreaking havoc on the automated attendance tracking. We're now disabling multiple clicks earlier in the WebRTC startup sequence.

We also fixed a bug / added an enhancement to allow meeting Observers to participate in private chat. Okay, I think we can call this one an actual "oversight" bug. Observers tend to get short shrift in the app overall and we probably cut a little too close to the bone here.

Finally, we made a few small tweaks to the public page for meeting rooms. A fix here, a helpful message there. Little things people probably won't notice, but if they help even one person they're worth it.

And a few miscellaneous items here in the notes:

  • Enhancements for starting and stopping the Welcome Tour
  • Only show the start or stop tour link if the tour is stopped or running, respectively
  • Tweak text in IE10[-] file uploader
  • Remove some superfluous help links from the user's account page
  • Streamline the creation of room public page URLs
  • Add a Close button to facilitator's view of Glance timeout, even if they are not the presenter
  • Automatically stop Glance interaction on presenter timeout
  • Prevent multiple clicks on the webcall button starting multiple calls
  • Add the room public url to the account rooms listing
  • No dropdown on the room public page
  • Allow meeting Observers to participate in private chat
  • Improve sorting of room attendees on the in-meeting Invite More list
  • Improve the webcall no-multiple-click tweak
  • Add a help message to the public room page; ensure only one meeting option appears at a time
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