March 26, 2017 - version 2.16.85 - Bug fixes and minor improvements, new dial-in numbers for Spain

This is a quick update prompted by the release of Firefox 52, which removes support for NPAPI and therefore our ability to offer Glance screen sharing to FF52 users. We expect this to be a short term inconvenience until Glance releases a nupdated version of their Firefox support. To read more about Glance usage in Lucid, please check out this support article:

Screen Sharing by Glance

And a few miscellaneous items here in the notes:

  • Update detection of Glance supports -- NPAPI phaseout for Firefox, Opera
  • Fix a missing underscore template error for non-facilitators; small display fixes for attendee info.
  • Fix bug where inviting observers to a running meeting demoted them to guests.
  • Remove the Invite More link for non-facilitators.
  • Add a variable to control the meeting add-people iconic contacts break-over
  • Relaxed the restriction preventing in-meeting role change for guests
  • Code review and updates for improved handling of the Observer role
  • Added new local dial-in numbers for Barcelona and Madrid
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