May 24, 2017 - version 2.16.96 - Enhancements for Turbobridge integrated audio

This update is primarily about expanding on the current Turbobridge audio capabilities (Phone, SIP, WebRTC, Call Me) built into the Lucid Meetings core services. Today we are adding the following options:

  1. Host control panel (premium audio only)

    Meeting facilitators can open an audio host control panel as an alternate mechanism for call management. The panel provides a few interesting features, including mute (or unmute) all, lock (or unlock) the conference, drop callers, and perhaps interesting to some people, the ability to dial-out or fetch callers not invited to the Lucid Meeting itself. This opens up a variety of meeting use-cases not easily covered before.


  2. Pop-out webcall (computer audio) panel with additional UI options

    The panel is a slightly customized version of the Turbobridge call panel. The panel includes the ability to turn off hold music, raise hand (visible in the new host panel), open a DTMF dialpad, and more. Besides turning off hold music, the panel's best feature is that it opens in a separate window (or tab for Chrome browsers), which means that browser reloads will not kick the listener off the call.


  3. Call Me! (premium audio only)

    Call Me! is a new feature that allows a meeting attendee to provide a phone number and request that the meeting call them, rather than dialing in or using computer audio. The software pre-fills the phone number from the member's profile when present, though a different number can be entered at the time of the meeting. Call Me! is mostly a convenience function, but one highly requested by people using browsers that do not support WebRTC (Safari, Internet Explorer).


  4. Mobile auto-dialier

    This feature actually popped out in an earlier update, but bears mentioning here. For users on mobile devices, meeting invitations and the meeting itself include 1-click auto-dialing of the conference phone, with automatic entry for the conference ID and the user ID codes. This option is great for people joining the meeting from their phone, especially if they're in the car and shouldn't be punching numbers while driving. You know who you are!


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