June 12, 2017 - version 2.16.103 - Action item feeds for your calendar


Lucid Meetings has long featured a calendar feed for subscribing your calendar to meetings created in our system. This feed is built using a standard (for all intents and purposes, but that's another discussion) called iCalendar. The iCalendar approach allow us to include both meetings (VEVENTS) and action items (VTODOS), with the idea that calendaring systems will put these things into their proper places.

The support for the VTODO object has always been weak, however, and most recently has nearly vanished. The result was that goodhearted people could not see their action items (with due dates, of course!) on their calendar, making it harder for them to knowingly complete them by the appointed date.

We decided to fix that in this release by taking the simpler approach of adding action items as ALL DAY events on their due date. And we've done this as a separate feed so people can choose to have an action items on their calendar in a different color than their Lucid Meetings themselves. It's a simple, yet effective way to put these important tasks front and center.


In addition to the action item feed, we also made improvements to the meeting rescheduling process. When people went to reschedule a meeting we weren't displaying enough information for them to retain context about the original meeting date/time during the process. This annoyed some people, so we thought we'd just fix it.

Detailed notes for this and other fixes:

  • Add an action items iCalendar feed option
  • Add STUN/TURN servers to webcall via TB panel
  • Correct the logging of invitation_sent stats
  • Meeting header display improvements
  • Improvements to system reports
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