November 28, 2017 - version 2.16.112 - - bug fixes, minor improvements, and a few small things

In case you wonder where we've been -- we're grinding our way through a fairly large technical upgrade of the operating system and underlying software & services. It's unlikely anyone will notice, but we're retiring a significant amount of accumulated "technical debt."  Can't let that stuff grow legs or it'll overwhelm you someday.

We still have our audio transcription work happening in the background and we're currently doing some work to improve the usefulness of tagged items in the system. Notably, adding the ability to better manage tags at the Organization level, rather than solely at the Room level. This work should pop out in another week or so. 

That said, we also try to keep on top of little things that annoy people, so here are a few recent fixes we pushed out.

 * Make it easier to move adjourned meetings to another date
 * Fix email address validation bug
 * Improve site-level tag management
 * Improvements to the public REST API
 * Do not add default audio profiles for free subscriptions
 * Improvements to the /pub meetings page for meeting rooms
 * Improvements to the TBD meetings
 * Allow participants to remove themselves fro the speaker queue (bug fix)
 * Improvements for users creating additional accounts

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