January 30, 2017 - version 2.17.12 -- service upgrades, new document presenter, roundup of changes

Hello! We've been super busy with a lot of great updates for the software and the service infrastructure. So busy, in fact, that I've neglected to actually add any release notes over the past month or so.

Our major accomplishment over the end-of-year holidays was a complete service upgrade within our Amazon AWS environment. We're now in our own VPC (virtual private cloud), with faster servers and an upgraded operating system. Kudos to Amy for all the hard work on that one!

We also replaced our previous in-app document viewer with the Box document viewer, which is nicer in many ways. One main benefit is the ability to preview or share MANY more types of documents. More kudos to Amy!

On the software side we have a quite a list of updates to share. I'll summarize the more important ones here.

  • Language improvements for RTL languages, such as Arabic
  • Improvements to the calendar files we send for recurring meetings
  • Improvements to the calendar files we send for a meeting cancellation
  • UX improvements that allow users to dismiss some of the guided actions
  • Fixes for detecting and presenting audio recordings
  • Quality improvements when generating HTML agendas and minutes
  • Quality improvements when generating Word (docx) agendas and minutes
  • UX improvements for using Lucid on an iPad
  • Extensive updates to the public REST API, particularly in the area of action items
  • And many nits, niggles, and a few bug fixes along the way

Of course we aren't stopping there. We have more service upgrades in the works and a slew of software improvements underway. See you in about a month, unless there's something more interesting to discuss in the meantime!

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