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Allow Editable Due Dates & Change Sort Order on Your Action Items Page

Submitted by Richard Evans

Would it be possible to make the due date editable on the "Your Action Items" grid and change the order of the grid? 

The idea is that I use this like a task list and sometimes I need to delay a task by a week. If this was editable and the list default order was reversed it would be a lot more usable and would show you the more urgent tasks first.

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We've recently released in-page editing for both the action item text and the due date. I think this one is done!

Oh, and I did also want to mention that action items, shown on calendar views, can be simply drag-n-dropped to another date to reschedule. This is the fastest, easiest mechanism. This works on the dashboard (Today) page, as well as the room and global calendars.



Hi there,

We've released an update to the action items page to add sorting, searching, filtering, completion (and mark incomplete), edit, and delete links to the My Action Items page.  The default sort order is by due date, descending, but the headings are all user sortable. The edit page for an action item allows you to edit the content, reassign, change the due date, and mark as Open or Closed.

There may be a bit more we can do here to make the interaction paths work more smoothly, so we're definitely interested in feedback and further suggestions!



I agree!

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