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Custom end of meeting evaluation?


At the end of each meeting, as a last topic, we evaluate the meeting as a team using 8 premises from 1 to 5. You provide something similar at the end. Could it be possible to implement some kid of custom evaluation form as a team, not necessarily per participant?

This is our evaluation (translated via Google):

6.0 Effectiveness of the Meeting
1. Punctuality (-1 point for every 5 minutes late at the start):
2. Assignment (-1 point for each assignment not fulfilled):
3. Objectives (-1 point for each objective of the agreed agenda not
4. Participation (-1 point for each person who does not participate):
5. Duration (-1 point for every 5 minutes late):
6. Facilities (-1 point for each nonconforming area: temperature, facilities,
lighting, equipment):
7. Interruptions (-1 point for each interruption: exits, entrances, cellular,
lateral conversation):
8. Attendance (-1 point for each absentee not excused):

Thanks, Jose!

A few questions on this one. 

1. Would you want this instead of the current survey shown after the meeting, or would you want to run it more like a poll during the close of the meeting? 

We've had requests for in-meeting polls recently, and for customized post-meeting surveys in the past. I'd love to hear which you believe would be most helpful for you.

2. Some of these are things we already track in the automated records. If we were to make it easier to review those records (say in a report with a spreadsheet), would you still want to ask people these same questions in a survey?

Specifically, we track items 2, 5, and 8 for every meeting, and 1 and 4 for everyone who logs in to Lucid during the meeting. You can find this information by viewing the report for a meeting (the link is on the More tab).

We don't automatically track 3, 6, or 7. On 3, we do show whether every agenda topic was completed, so that could possibly help there too. 

I love measurable meeting results and am looking forward to your thoughts!

  1. In our case is an item within the agenda. At the end, as a team, we evaluate the meeting. What we do today is that place the questions as part of the agenda. Once we get to this item, we copy/paste the questions into the notes. Then we place the rating and we calculate the result. In summary, we use it before ending the meeting. Maybe is more useful as an in-meeting poll.
  2. The meeting report is a feature we just found. I believe it could help if it was easier to find. Suggestions: If you finish the meeting, then go to the report's page automatically. Also, send a link to the reports' page via the follow up notes email. I think it would be nice to include it as an option for the Notes export process. I believe that we can keep doing this manually. The report helps but since we want to be able to grade ourselves, then it may get complicated for you. 

A solution that may work might be some sort of in meeting survey functionality.


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