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Font size when in agenda item view in a meeting

A font +/- button would be nice to have.

We were using Lucid today in a meeting and one of the attendees wanted a larger font while reading the description in the agena item view during a meeting. This is on an iPad so ctrl + doesn't work. We tried zooming using the gestures but that only zoomed everything bigger and hid part of the page off the screen.


Sorry for the multiple posts, I never noticed the "Your post will appear once it has been approved." message above the first time around.


The highlighted area is the main part that we would like to see larger or have the ability to increase the font size.

The entire area circled would also be nice to have larger.

The preview link to the right of the filenames (which isn't showing here for some reason, facilitator maybe??) would also be great to have in a larger font size. It is really small.



 Hi Rene,

I'm looking into what it'll take to add an option for scaling the font size in iOS / iPad, without using user-controlled zoom to do so. It's an interesting area to poke into.

In the meantime, I did a little more work on the idea of offering a Preview button instead of a Show button as the default action when using the iPad or other mobile environment. In particular, I've pushed a beta feature out that implements this idea, including offering a Preview button for people who otherwise do not have administrative controls.

If you have a chance to experiment I'd love to get some feedback on this approach for making Preview (local view) an easier and default viewing option for iPad users.



We ran a training meeting last week and the preview button was great. I'd like to say perfect, but you may figure out something sometime to make it better!  As of now, we are very happy with it!

The font scaling is still an issue. Not a huge one, but something we would love to see taken care of if possible.


Thanks, Rene. I've done some checking into font scaling on the iPad and haven't found the (technical capability) answer I'm looking for yet. I'm keeping this here for now, but our current focus is on some improvements to the action items and motions. We'll circle back after we ship those other improvements and features.

Thanks for the update John.


Hi Rene,

Is this specifically on the agenda in the agenda tab, or was it on the text shown in the main focus area during the meeting when you're looking at a specific topic? 



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