April 26th, 2018 - version 2.17.41 -- Basecamp 3 integration, Dashboard improvements, and a bunch of fixes and tweaks


Many people have requested integration with the latest version of Basecamp, so we're more than pleased to announce that this work is complete and available for general use. We now support Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 2, and Bascamp 3 within Lucid Meetings as an available integration. Simply enable this integration in your settings and get to work!

We'll have more to say about Basecamp integration in our update email to account holders, but you can read more about it here until then: Basecamp Integration


The main focus for this month's continuous improvement work has been on the user dashboard, wherein we've been improving value-to-the-user by pulling information from room and meeting into useful summary formats.


We've added a new top-level navigation item, Records, to expose records and artifacts from your rooms and past meetings. As of now, we're exposing your meeting history, action items, decision, issues, parking lot items, and tagged notes.  And, we have even more coming!

We've also added the ability to interact with those items without leaving the dashboard itself, making for quicker search, inspection, and editing. The result is more information at your fingertips and a more enjoyable experience.


In addition to the Records  navigation, we've added another top-level navigation menu, Guidance. This menu provides quick links to our library of meeting guides, meeting templates, off-site meeting advice blog, and our ~200 item glossary of meeting terms. Stay tuned for some exciting developments here as well.


The final addition to the top-level navigation are Action Items.  Given that meetings are "Where the Action Is," it's important that we get that action into the hands of the people responsible for moving work forward. We're now alerting you, in a clear and visible manner, about actions that need your attention. I think you'll like it.


  • Add a motions tab to rooms if the room has motions
  • Add a button to send series invitations to all attendees at once
  • Fix a bug where removing the end date for a meeting series would remove the series
  • Set the default action item sort order to due date, ascending
  • Add a link to the software release announcements
  • Clear google oauth tokens when we get unauthorized_client
  • Add a date range filter for summary listings of meetings, notes, action items
  • And a bunch of small stuff ....

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