May 25th, 2018 - version 2.18.10 -- Dashboard improvements, and a bunch of fixes and tweaks

Dashboard Improvements

* Improve scaling of large lists in the UI

* Add more meeting quickview links to the Dashboard

* Allow to cancel the followup task on the dashboard

* Improvements on dashboard interactivity via rating form as modal

* Set the buttonText for today to Today
* Tweak dashboard / calendar cross-nav buttons
* Link to the full calendar from Today

* Dashboard move forward or back a day

* Automatically mark agenda or notes as read when read

* Improvements to the motions display in the records area

* Work on standardizing and extending meeting preview on tabular lists

* Work on AIs. Clear distinction of the AI nav from AI in records

* Always redirect to the open action items page after adding one

* Fix a bug that prevents open action items from appearing on your Today page

Room Home Improvements

* Add meeting preview links to the room home meeting list view
* Fix motions tab (issue with intersection vs. isMatch in lucifier)
* Do not show motions that weren't brought
* Badge the action items tab in rooms
* Minor improvements for room action items
* Fix Action Item report in the room to show all AIs open for a member
* Minor UI tweaks when selecting to poll for a meeting time

Integration Improvements

* Add shortcuts for creating "integrations" with GoToMeeting,, and Zoom

* Add a bit more messaging with the custom audio shortcuts.

Added en-GB language support

* Enabled en-GB (language) support for date/time

* Use the proper locale files for moment 2.13.0
* Fixed cover images when the language isn't en_US
* Add email templates for en-gb

* Do not prompt en_GB language users to switch to English during sign in

Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Other Improvements
* Send invitations in a background process if there are many.
* Add background process for large numbers of cancel, followup, and notice email recipients.
* Fix an annoyance with pagination, search, and the documents tab in a room.
* Agenda editor: make the item edit buttons persistent.
* Cleanup in export filenames to avoid HTTP errors
* Fix an issue with date and timepickers moving when the sidebar is expanded
* Meeting series landing page now prefers a meeting that is in progress (or should be) to the next upcoming meeting.

* Upgrade to node 8

* Update a few of the nodejs packages we use, eliminating use of a deprecated method

* Update instructions for setting up Confluence connector

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