November 26, 2018 - version (through) 2.18.51 - Folders, tag stability, tweaks and bug fixes

We've released a few updates to Lucid Meetings over the past couple of weeks. 

New feature: Folders 

You can now organize your documents into folders within a room. Use the "Add Folder" button on the Room Documents tab to create a new folder, and the "Move" option on the actions menu for a document (or folder) to put a document in a folder. This feature comes with some small changes to the user interface of the Room Documents tab and the dialog for adding a document to a meeting from the room. 

Fixes and small updates

  • Tags: resolved several problems that occurred when working with tags (often in Smart lists) in meetings. 
  • Dashboard display tweaks.
  • Corrected an error in the billing email for accounts with annual passes.
  • Include tags in display of upcoming recurring meetings.
  • Fixed a javascript bundling error that broke the timer controls.
  • Updated SSL cert. 
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