February 1, 2019 - version (through) 2.18.69 - Bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements

During February we continued identifying and fixings annoyances, plus began work on a new version of the agenda editor.

  • Add more relevant information to the Guidance menu

  • Updates to social login for Google, Facebook, and LInkedIn logins

  • Improvements to the sign up and sign in process

  • Meeting invitation process tweak on state-based list of default recipients

  • Action item improvements related to assign and un-asssigning an owner

  • Fixes related to sweeping audio calls into call sets

  • Limit calls-to-action for users to RSVP to meetings (remove unnecessary prompting)

  • Updates to the Gmail schema support (RSVP actions in email)

  • Dashboard layout and linking improvements

  • Improvements to meeting series (recurring meetings)

  • Fixes and improvements for meeting agenda templates

  • Fixes and improvements for Calendars

  • Fixes and improvement for SmartLists in adjourned meetings

  • Began work on the new agenda editor

  • Miscellaneous code hardening here and there

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