April 23, 2019 - version (through) 2.18.82 - Public room page! LDAP! Also, bug fixes and quality improvements

The Public Room page is underselling this feature, just a bit. It's really a universal link you can embed in your invitations, email footer, web page, or anywhere you want to tell people about your meetings. The page is smart about anonymous (not logged-in users), team members, meeting invitees, and room admins. It's one-stop location for sharing your meeting space. 

It's also probably the most underused super-feature.

Here are a few other details about this update:

  • Dark mode improvements (mostly fixing contrast)
  • Quick theme switcher in the user account menu
  • Dashboard improvements for tagged note ordering
  • Dashboard improvement to show the current time zone
  • Public room page improvements
  • Add the publish/export options to the bottom of the Record tab
  • Calendar integration improvements
  • Troubleshooting Webcall on Safari (Apple changed a few things)
  • Updates for the enterprise LDAP configuration and support
  • Use attachment name for link attachments in meeting exports, if name is present.
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