July 19, 2019 - version 2.19.06 -- Mostly bug fixes

Today we released an update that includes quite a few bug fixes, most of which probably affected a small number of users. 


  • Stop hiding the dashboard calendar on small screens.

Bug fixes: 

  • Correct the datepicker/moment/form interaction for scheduling a recurring meeting in non-en locales
  • Fix a case where placeholders would appear in the names of upcoming recurring meetings.
  • Don't clear typing state on a new note until it is either saved or canceled. (Previously, typing state was cleared as soon as the user navigated away from the field, although the editor was still open.)
  • Fix a case where a failed export to Confluence resulted in a site error instead of a meaningful message.
  • Fix a bug that caused meeting exports to fail if the text "$$" appeared in the record.
  • Fix a bug that caused invitations to be silently dropped (not sent) in some cases where 20 or more emails were to be sent and certain text appeared in the message to attendees.
  • Improve meeting CTAs for participants when a today meeting was not started at the appointed time.
  • Fix a case where a facilitator would still be prompted to send invitations after sending them. This occurred for a short period on meetings where invitations were sent to 20 or more attendees.
  • Fix several bugs in the forms for configuring and editing an Appear.in integration.
  • Fix a bug that inserted backslashes in front of underscores in the text of exported meeting records and summaries in invitations and reminders.
  • Ensure that the "Add another item" button doesn't disappear while using the agenda organizer to rearrange agenda items.
  • Adjust the table borders in some email messages (Room and Organization invitations) to correct the display of these messages in Gmail on Android. 
  • Correct the behavior of agenda item dropdown menus in the note editor on Safari (the menu items were difficult to activate). 
  • Tweaks to permissions for administrator roles.

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