August 17, 2019 - version 2.19.15 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

Here's a rundown of what we worked on during the past month or so:

  • Replace Confluence XML-RPC API with REST API (Atlassian deprecated their XML-RPC-API)
  • Improvements for handling bulk user upload into rooms and organizations
  • Fixed an issue with double printing the timezone in weekly reminder email
  • Fixes and improvements for the Google calendar integration
  • Fixes and improvements for SSO via Google auth
  • Add the ability the change a SmartList on-the-fly during a meeting
  • Add the ability to filter SmartLists by the "past N days" (this is a BIG help)
  • Transition for to their new branded name, Whereby
  • Make it easier to find the room member bulk upload
  • Various improvements and fixes not worthy of mentioning here, but much appreciated nonetheless

That's it for now. Next update in about mid-September unless something really interesting happens sooner!

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