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Apply updated room agenda to future meetings

We have a monthly committee meeting with a routine basic agenda, which is captured in the group's room. We typically schedule our meetings in 6 months blocks, and over time find need to tweak the basic agenda. It would be useful to be able to edit the default agenda under 

{meeting room} > Settings > Manage Templates 

and then apply the updated version to all remaining meetings in the currently scheduled block. 

Among the tweaks I'd like to be able to apply to future meetings

  • Generic text within a section
  • Presenter assignments for specific sections (e.g., when a new person assumes an existing role, I want to make them the default presenter for that section for future meetings)

Hi Dave,

Thank you for these suggestions. 

We've reviewed the details and we're now thinking through different approaches to editing meeting templates then applying the changes to a recurring meeting series.

One thing to note - there is a (limited) workaround that you can use today. If you want to make changes to a meeting template, you can apply those changes to future meetings in a series by taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the next meeting in the series.
  2. Click on the "More" tab.
  3. In the "Manage the meeting series" section, click on "Edit the series template."
  4. Change the template to any other meeting template and click Save.
  5. Change the template again to the template you'd like to apply to future meetings, and click Save.

This method is not ideal, but it works - and all future meetings are re-created with that template. However, this does not currently work for agenda presenters. We heard from another customer this week that presenter assignments are not carrying through all of the meetings in a series, so we are looking into that.


Tricia Harris

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