December 28, 2019 - version 2.20.01 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

We've rolled the current version from 2.19 to 2.20 as we start releasing some of these new features and capabilities. And still more to come!

  • Add the office365 add-in (beta ready, still not in the Microsoft store
  • Lucid Meetings can now act as an OAuth2 provider, which is really what you want when you have an external application (e.g., the O365 add-in) acting on behalf of logged-in users
  • Improve the timezone selector
  • Extensive work to generalize and allow configuration of user permissions
  • Roll out the private vs. open room options
  • Roll out the ability for regular members to create rooms (via permission)
  • Roll out the ability for organization members to view activity in open rooms and to join those rooms at-will
  • De-cluttering parts of the UI with a lot of user action buttons

So the big theme here is that Office 365 integration via our add-in is ready for Beta testers. Also we've added a whole new operating model for organizations that want to mix and match private room (by invitation only) and open rooms (available to all organization team members).

We've also added org-level permission settings that allow users in an organization to create meeting rooms as they see fit, which helps self-organizing teams get to work. We've also added room-level permission settings that allow allow any team member in a room to create and run meetings.

Some organizations want to tightly control who can do what, others are more egalitarian in their approach. Both models, or a mix-n-match are supported in the system now.

We're working to get our Office 365 add-in through the Microsoft evaluation process and hope to have it publicly available in early 2020. That'll be fantastic, as we've been working to nail this one for some time now!



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