January 28, 2020 - version 2.20.11 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

Okay, first update of 2020! Let's go:

  • Navigation update to segment orgs without menu-visible rooms from org with menu-visible rooms
  • Extend the filter/pagination date selection to room notes and motions
  • Incidental tweaks to meeting model; meetings can lack an account_id (template meetings)
  • De-icon the room list in the menu and the save submit buttons (too cluttered)
  • UI consistency tweaks on the meeting template manage page.
  • More email template cleanup
  • Improvements to how we determine which tags should be available in a room
  • Pep up the sickly grey in the daily and weekly emails
  • Handle emailed RSVPs a bit better
  • Improve MIME type detection for uploaded files
  • Add a new org-level policy to restrict who can see the org member roll-up
  • Work on the O365 add-in (messaging mainly) to support the Microsoft verification process
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Security improvements
    • Improved login security
    • Improved password construction requirements and enforcement
    • Improved auto-logout for inactivity
    • Add more output filtering for XSS prevention
    • Continued tuning our web application firewall rules

Apart from all the work generally, the notable part here is that we're well into the Office 365 add-in verification process with Microsoft. We've made a few minor suggested changes and have resubmitted for (what we hope to be) the final manual review step.

Stay tuned for next month's update! We hope to be celebrating the new O365 add-in release :)



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