March 26, 2020 - version 2.20.24 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates


More work on the synchronizer API support, plus a number of small support-driven fixes and tweaks. We're also continuing work on UI scalability for very large, long-lived organizations that accrue a lot of data over time.


  • Minor behavioral and messaging tweak for the past/recent meetings display.
  • WIP on fixing up the room people tables.
  • Tweak on meeting list in room
  • WIP on improving the past meeting display for rooms.
  • Add more logging and handling for the missing member object issue.
  • Add a little bling to the See all rooms link.
  • Some WIP on footable pagination.
  • API: correct an error message in the synch_graph_access_tokens endpoint
  • Add a itsy bitsy arrow on the 'See all rooms' link in the left nav.
  • Add a link to the API docs on the Authorize New Applications page.
  • Make the pagination more sensible for large data sets with large user pagination settings.
  • Minor fix to the room and account people upload to allow adding people.
  • Prevent observer votes from being recorded server-side
  • Don't show observer voting options, and don't facilitator option to record votes for observers
  • Restore ability of facilitator to manually record attendee votes
  • Quick fix for error on room member that refers to a nonexistent (?) member
  • Add some explanatory text and nada to the RSVP boilerplate UI. For site managers that aren't us.
  • API: Ensure the action items also allow you to embed tags and update the docs to reflect that.
  • Purify the access check functions by removing the exit for lucid/missing redirects.
  • Remove the from_api access check param (and the need for it).
  • Fix the account missing blank page (now access denied).
  • WIP to improve zombie account listing.
  • API: update documentation for hooks
  • API: add option to filter hooks by organization ID or room ID
  • Add a "delete default room" form for synchronizer configuration (case 10985)
  • API: allow the synchronizer to create hooks (case 10986)
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