June 16, 2020 - version 2.20.39 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates


We're doing some work on the Turbobridge integration, driven by support conversations. In particular, the ability to mute or unmute all callers and mute integration with the speaker queue. The problem we're addressing is the increase line noise with more people working from home with kids, dogs, etc. People are looking for more controls. We'll probably do a bit more refinement work in a future update.


  • Fix bug when adding an action item outside a meeting (close date bug).
  • Add mute all and unmute all for TB audio
  • Add ctrl key down/up for temporary unmute for TB audio
  • Integrate TB audio muting with the speaker queue
  • Lengthen bridge.description to 2048 to accommodate Teams URLs
  • Translation refresh readiness
  • Set per-meeting custom audio via the REST API
  • Set per-meeting_series custom audio via the REST API
  • Autolink URLs in custom audio
  • Improvements to custom audio bridges in general
  • Some minor improvements to dark mode
  • REST API extensions to support the O365 add-in work
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