July 20, 2020 - version 2.20.44 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

There's a bunch of stuff here, but the main thrust is putting updates in place so we can deploy the two-way synchronizer that keeps Lucid and MS Office 365 Outlook in sync.

 * Move the audio mute/unmute from F1 to Shift+Esc
* Some minor WIP on the room past meeting history.
* Fix routine that spreads out priority ordering of meeting templates in a room (case 11117). Bonus fix to room cascade delete.
* Outlook synch crons -- trigger updates on synch server
* Comment out synch crons -- need to generalize target (case 11099)
* WIP on O365 integration deployment (case 11099, case 10981)
* WIP on update to office365 addin
* API: fix bug where meeting_series PATCH would not set until_ts if timezone was not provided.
* API: documentation updates
* Fix an undefined attribute. Wasn't actually breaking anything, just sloppy.
* Make the annual pass effective period more obvious to the purchaser.
* Send fewer unnecessary meeting_series_scheduled notifictions
* Clean up the lazy-load / reset logic in Lucid_Model, some more
* Clean up the lazy-load / reset logic in Lucid_Model
* Add dtstart_ts to recurrence/meeting_series API (case 11112)
* Clear dependent lazy_load attributes when fields they depend on change!
* WIP on correcting the meaning of start_ts in a recurrence (case 11112)
* Calculate true start_ts for a recurrence taking added and excluded dates into account (case 11112)
* Use the correct time when comparing meeting series patterns for potential TB conflicts (case 11112)
* Recurrence Nth Occurrence takes into account start_time may not be time of first occurrence, in case of exceptions.
* Add a first_ts to meeting_series that reflects start of first meeting, even if that meeting has been rescheduled before the start time in the recurrence rule.
* merge o365integration into default (preliminary add-in update)
* Small start to only return paid organizations to the synchronizer.
* If we're gonna have default policies for organizations it makes sense to set them upon creation.
* Change name of the organization_created API hook to indicate it's for orgs that can use the synchronizer only
* Append pinned note tags to the Records droplist

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