July 31, 2020 - version 2.20.48 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

Besides the usual quality fixes, the main development theme remains pulling all the Office 365 synchronizer pieces into place.

* Big WIP on loading room tabbed content on click, rather than preload.
* Add version 2.1.9 Outlook add-in
* merge akf into default (Rework "Edit Meeting Series Schedule" form)
* Performance tuning while looking at data fetches from Lucifier.
* Disable the FC global drag listener so we can properly edit dashboard notes and AIs.
* Remove the cache prefetch initialization.
* Lucifier: only preload the core entities updated within the past 90 days on startup.
* Ensure we can save an AI when editing from the dashboard page.
* Restored CTRL+b as it should be in our ckeditor keybindings.
* Make dashboard notes and AIs editable in place.
* More dashboard notes improvements.
* Do a better job with notes that are locked from editing.
* Fixes for the hook cleanup. Cut-n-paste silliness.
* WIP on hook cleanup for account downgrades.
* WIP on cascading delete for api hooks.
* Set the synch_organization_created TS on account creation or upgrade.
* Add synchronizer to AppDomains in o365 add-in manifest
* Set higher rate limit for synchronizer user on setup (case 11066)
* Separate can delete docs from can manage room (Sains).
* Looks like canView and canManage attachment access tests were reversed.
* Change the test for a valid account passed into our user_access function.
* Fix access to account_id that wasn't yet set.
* use a placeholder for the app_id in the version 2.1.8 Outlook add-in manifest 

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