September 21, 2020 - version 2.20.59 - Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

The most notable improvements in this update are:

1) Better results for SOLR full-text document searching

2) Mute Turbobridge callers by default when joining a meeting call

3) A few updates to the Site Manager for enterprise admins

The details:

* Convert system usage charts from monthly to weekly and set the timeframe to 60 days.
* Allow enterprise admins to get/set the site email address.
* Extended the muted-by-default to update existing bridges when the meeting starts.
* Make the full-text search results more forgiving in the case of invalid unicode and the like (case 11151)
* Use multibyte-safe substr when creating abstracts in full text search (case 11151)
* Fix malformed html textarea markup that caused the recess widget to fail on D6.54
* Mute Turbobridge callers by default when they join a conference.
* Updates to o365 addin icons per MS review
* Improve our modifications to the HTML5 elements module.
* Clean up the logging of SOLR errors in the case of a 403 from s3.
* Indexing improvements
* Simplify indexer's access to s3 by using s3_key field.
* Do not redirect anonymous users to the login page (user page instead).
* Fix some to/from specifiers for Pandoc.

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