September 25, 2020 - version 2.20.64 - Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

This is mainly a quality of service update, with improvements to the global site activity reporting, restoration of some user-critical paths for action item interaction, and some UX optimization.

* Quality tweaks on the AI Edit button styling and single quote removal on the calendars.
* Tweak the display of action item status badge (tags) with a bit of top margin.
* Restore edit-in-place for dashboard AIs, plus a couple tweaks.
* Allow enterprise admins to replace or add guides to the support menu.

* Do not present inactive rooms for user role assignment.
* Do not present inactive rooms as viable scheduling targets.

* Add documents to the site-level charts in the site manager.

* More improvements to the site activity charts.
* WIP on site manager activity graphs.
* WIP on site activity reports -- add timeframe selector.
* WIP on improving site activity charts.

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