November 25, 2020 - version 2.20.74 - Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

Here you go!

  • Make it clear to the developer (me) that we aren’t using the bundled meeting js
  • Improve the pre-meeting notes so it doesn’t break stuff
  • Clean up the special-case logic for a google_event PATCH of the meeting source at the meetings resource URL
  • Fix the JS error when clicking on the meeting template agenda tabs.
  • Auto-update the Record tab on the meeting home.
  • Update locally-added agenda items in Notes tab -- no more blank items
  • Update Notes tab on meeting home based on incoming changes
  • Wrap a try/catch around the lucid_api_v1_events routine.
  • Super minor tweak on meeting report.
  • Correct path to windows timezone mapper in a few module_load_include calls
  • Slight tweak to API to only show organization rooms you can access.
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