March 20, 2021 - Better UTF-8 support and other new features (version 2.21.10)

Hi all, 

Our latest batch of updates includes several new features, including an important improvement to how we store character data. 

UTF-8 Support: More emoji, full CJK character set

This is an issue that you won't be aware of unless you happened to enter certain characters into Lucid Meetings, but if you did, it was pretty important! Most of our software already supported the full UTF-8 character set, but our database used a subset of UTF-8, the "Basic Multilingual Plane," or "BMP," for storage. 

Characters beyond the BMP "include less common CJK characters, various historic scripts, mathematical symbols, and emoji (pictographic symbols)." (source: unfortunate effect of our database limitation was that if you used one of these characters in text you entered into Lucid Meetings, the stored text would be cut off. 

With today's upgrade, the full character set is supported and you can express yourself more fully!

Agenda items can contain multiple smart lists

We've removed the restriction of one smart list per agenda item. Along with this change, facilitators can now "Play" a smart list during a meeting, similar to presenting a document. 

Make the start date for "Edit Series Template" more explicit to the user

Previously, this action refreshed the agenda for all pending meetings in the series. Now, users will have the option of applying the changes to all pending meetings, or to pending meetings starting with the one they were viewing when they chose "Edit Series Template." Often the two cases are identical, but when they were not, the previous behavior could lead to the unpleasant surprise of overwriting the agenda of a meeting you didn't intend to change.

Other tweaks and bug fixes

  • Reduce the number of checks for account in good standing to make the UI more consistent.
  • Improve the display of multiple action items in the meeting record.
  • Fix the weekly reminder email to handle the user-specific timezone.
  • Offer to send cancellation email when removing a single attendee (helps keep calendars in sync).
  • Remove an error message line that was incorrect.
  • Fix a blocking error in Confluence integration setup page.
  • Restore the time zone display on meeting times.
  • Dashboard tweak to add a link to the meeting that wants to be started.
  • Update in-meeting document viewer to latest Box previewer version.
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