April 6, 2017 - version 2.16.88 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

Fixed a bunch of small nuisances, added a few delighters, worked on making everything ship-shape! Probably the most notable -- big improvements to translated email.  Oh myyyyy.

  • Add a ringing tone during webcall connect attempts
  • Add RRULE to timezone definitions (replaces RDATE).
  • Set the iCalendar timezone transitions out 3 years.
  • Default logo display for meetings, rooms, and organizations defaults to site for Enterprise installs.
  • Tweak some odd pager behavior for multiple tables on a page
  • Display updates for the public room page
  • Give some breathing room to the calendar grid views.
  • Do not greet everyone on the room public page as 'Guest'
  • Remove unmaintained email tests.
  • Fix a UI scale issue where we were showing all (present) meeting attendees.
  • Slight display improvement for the monthly organizer usage.
  • Better detection of need to hang up when switching bridge in meeting 
  • Encourage people to add a meaningful meeting title by removing the default of 'Meeting'
  • Add a new meeting name token, '@room_name', to templates.
  • Fix all email template translation field values
  • Limit the number of attendees/invitees we show at various places.
  • Defensive coding (error message re: non-object \e)
  • Make the meeting attendance record columns sortable.
  • Display tweaks for a couple of member tables.
  • Add some warning bling to the in-meeting audio switcher.
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