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We often have agenda items where a guest is a part of the agenda. It would be great if we could invite a guest to join our meeting such that they would only have access to their agenda item and can upload items to it in advance of the meeting.

For example: We had a contractor who was a single item on a 15 item agenda. He had letters and a presentation that he would like to have added to his agenda item. He was more than capable of using the software, but if we gave him any access to the agenda he could also see all agenda items and attachments that are included and unrelated to his agenda item.


Right. Got it.

The first half is easily handled by making the guest the agenda item owner. That allows the person to add items to the agenda, etc. This permission / capability is already there for you.

The second half, limiting the participant's view of the agenda to only their item is new though. There's some work to do there, but I can see a path toward that.

It may get a bit tricky when the guest joins a running meeting, as the agenda for the entire meeting is visible to all participants during the meeting. That will require a bit more thought. Sometimes people invite guests for a single agenda item; sometimes they invite guests for the entire meeting. Those different approaches change how the guest interacts with the meeting content.

I understand your points.

My main concern is giving guest access to someone and they then have access to some of the more confidential information that may be contained within the other agenda items that are unrelated to them.

This isn't a must-have feature, but it would make certain use cases work better, for us at least.


Cool. Yeah, an interesting approach that we've avoided for obvious complexity reasons, would be to allow explicit visibility rules about who can see what. Explicit control, but tough to administer. It's fun to work through the requirements though!

I understand the complexities of granular permissions too well. Maybe it could be possible to have a regular mode and an advanced mode? The advanced mode could be hidden unless an admin requests that Lucid enable it on their account.


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