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Presentation view

Would it be possible to have the presentation view expanded while viewing a PowerPoint presentation?

Ideally, we would give the person who is making the presentation an iPad, which would be AirPlayed over our AppleTV to the large projection screen in our meeting room. They would then control the slides on all devices that are a part of that meeting and it would be visible to the whole room via AirPlay.


I'm not sure I understand this one fully. Can you elaborate more on what you mean by having the presentation view expanded? Do you mean: forcing the viewers experience as if they had clicked the expand button, but doing that automatically instead of asking the viewer to do it? 

I may need to play around with this iPad / Airplay combo a bit to get a sense for it.

More like making a presentation full screen... but with a way for the presenter/facilitators to exit if needed. Less white space around the presentation.


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