February 26, 2018 - version 2.17.19 -- Annual Passes! Plus fixes, improvements, new features

Probably the biggest addition with the February updates is the addition of Annual Passes, which provide a way for organizations to pay in advance for a certain level of organizer activity. This reduces monthly billing variance and provides steep discounts to the organization.


* Grab a (potentially) new audio bridge when a meeting is rescheduled. We were seeing some collisions in which a meeting was scheduled over the top of another meeting with the same conference ID.

* Fix a failure in the gallery when an entity_tag points to a non-existent tag
* Detect and clean up broken entity tags on the tag admin page.
* Fix bug in entity tag deletion that was causing broken references to tags.

* Fix navigation bug for audio invoices
* Fix up a couple admin links in the sidebar nav
* Fix error on logging of imported attachment (case 10494)


* Template gallery speedup (page load) improvements
* Show more information on template "view" page
* Expose the meeting templates to more (all) users
* Improve the user experience when switching between calendar and list views on the room home

* REST API hook (callback) improvements to allow various events at the org vs. room level

* Update the sample API script for downloading meetings in a room to include the attendance spreadsheet
* Improve sort-by-name on the post-meeting attendance tab (footable tweak)
* iPad friendliness for making some links more "finger sized"

* Increase the number of transactions we list in the billing area

New features:

* Add the ability to set the billing address apart from the owner email.

* Add the ability to move all rooms from one org to another

* Add the ability to move a single room to another account

* Expose the "attendance" download (was there, but not linked) on the attendance tab

* Add the xlsx alternate format for getting attendees via the API

* Quick report for motion votes
* Annual passes for meeting organizers

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