June 30th, 2018 - version 2.18.16 -- clarifying and improving a few things in the UI

Well this has been a slow, easy introduction to the summer months. As always, we're working on new and exciting changes in the lab, but in the meanwhile here are a few small updates to keep things moving along. 

* Relax some restrictions on adding members (vs. guests) to rooms, etc.
* Updates to improve our support for GDPR
* Fix display anomaly when closing/opening AIs on the /todos page
* Fix a busted line of code that failed to get the user timezone
* Do not include TB audio by default for new trialing accounts (more coming on this)
* Offer a "personal account" option at signup (yay!)
* Add a meet now option to the meeting reschedule flow
* Room calendar tweaks (fixes some click-to-create issues)
* Formatting fix for AI on the dashboard
* UI tweaks and improvements.
* Make included Lucid services (Glance, TB) more obvious on the integrations page

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