March 15, 2019 - version (through) 2.18.74 - Dark mode! And the usual parade of ongoing improvements

Now that the Mac OS supports "Dark mode" it seemed like reasonable thing to add that option to Lucid as well. You set this in your Display Preferences. LMK how it goes.

Would you rather have this:

Or would you prefer this? Your choice!

Here's the list:

  • Dark mode
  • Add a More tab for meeting participants. This currently links to the Meeting Report
  • Improvements to the meeting list in a room without any scheduled meetings
  • Adjust the existing integration to match their "you must have an account" requirement
  • Add a new Custom Audio option for UberConference
  • Fixed a bug in Basecamp 3 integration for users with ┬áVERY MANY Basecamp projects
  • Improvements to the Google calendar integration (various)
  • Improvements to the default meeting record display
  • Change the way we're linking multi-owner action items (i.e., actually link them)
  • Be more aware of when we should popup a "you have unsaved notes" message
  • Do a better job of respecting name display preferences throughout the experience (consistency fix)
  • Improvements for meeting templates and their default attendee lists
  • Do not send "meeting starting" reminders to people who have disabled reminders
  • More work on the Guidance menu resource links
  • Improvements to the user-specific Action Items pages
  • Improvements to the report to handle url-presentation interactions
  • Continued work on the revamped agenda editor
  • Miscellaneous code hardening throughout

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