May 17, 2019 - version 2.18.85 -- Mostly audio-related updates

We've recently released updates to WebCall and Audio integration management.


We've updated the "WebCall" software that allows you to make a call using your computer. This restores the WebCall functionality in the Safari browser. It also adds controls for setting your audio input and output, a call quality indicator, and toggles for a few advanced features that may address some audio problems. 

Audio integration management: 

It's been an accidentally-kept secret that some of our audio integrations can be added multiple times. For example, if you have more than one Zoom URL you want to use in some of your meetings, you can add the "Zoom" integration more than one time to get them into your organization in Lucid Meetings. We've reworked the flow of adding and managing these integrations to make it easier to do this:, GoToMeeting, UberConference, and Zoom.

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