July 19, 2019 - version 2.19.07 -- A couple new features

Hi all! This is just a quick hit update with a couple new (requested) features.

  1. The ability to supply a specific name for your exported calendar events or action items (these are two different feeds). By default we supply a calendar name of "Lucid Meetings" for your calendar event feed and "Lucid Action Items" for your action item feed. You can now choose your own name, or omit the name entirely to have these events shown on your default calendar.

  2. Bulk upload and/or editing for organization-level members. If you've used the bulk upload / edit capabilities in a meeting room you'll find this feature very familiar. The primary use-case for this feature is to provision new users at the organization level in bulk.

  3. Minor improvements to provide automatic profile data updates for SSO (single sign-on) users. This feature applies to enterprise installations using a dedicated SSO provider.

That's it! Well one would hope so having just seen the large list for 2.19.06 :)



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