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Tie Notes and Action Items to an Agenda Item

A feature that would be useful is when we add action items/tasks/decisions to an agenda item, for them to be tied to that item.  For example:

Agenda Item: Example Proposal

Action Item: Follow up, Assigned to John Doe

Decision: No-Go

When reviewing the meeting minutes, the action items are under the agenda item.  However, in the minutes summary at the beginning of the document where it lists the action items and decisions along with the follow-up emails, it just says John Doe – follow up instead of specifying John Doe to follow up on Example proposal. 

It would also be helpful for when I search meeting records by decision, it would not just say No-Go but instead, say Example proposal – Decision – No-Go.


As a workaround:

I have been adding the agenda item to the beginning of the notes, decisions, and action items. 

-Tricia Harris

ticket #5058

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