October 20, 2019 - version 2.19.28 -- Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

On tap this month:

 * Added an application intro tour to welcome new user accounts

 * Lots of work to dissuade spammers from signing up

 * Minor improvements to the add meeting flow

 * Minor improvements to in-app alerts and info messages

 * Show the pagination page refresh button more consistently
 * Improvements for meeting rooms with large numbers of people on the roster

 * Improvements for working with tagged notes having multiple tags

 * Add OAuth2 support for API authentication in prep for upcoming integration work

 * Work on CORS headers to support JS clients using the REST API

 * Fix markup for URL attachments in meetings so clicking loads them in a new window

 * Add single-click Action Item view or close from the reminder email
 * Final tuneup tweaks for the weekly reminder email and action item interaction
 * Minor mobile responsive tweaks
 * A smattering of bug fixes for submitted support tickets

We have some new integration work underway and hopefully we'll be able to beta preview that before next month's update. Some pretty cool stuff coming out!

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