August 19, 2020 - version 2.20.53 - Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

This update includes a handful of small changes and a re-enabling of screen sharing by Glance in some browsers. Glance is now supported on Mac OS and Windows in chromium-based browsers (including the new Microsoft Edge), and in IE 11. 

  • Replaced the word "View" with "Visit" in links to rooms or meetings.
  • Temporarily disable edit in-place for notes and action items in various large listings.
  • Add room selection to the pagination widget for the user records list.
  • Fix bug that prevented non-manager meeting facilitators from starting a meeting. 
  • Sort some lists by time of item creation, rather than update time.
  • Update the Glance screen-share integration, and restore the "Set up screen sharing" button within a meeting, for presenters and facilitators using supported browsers.

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