January 24, 2021 - New year refresh


This is a quick update to capture some work in progress to simplify and streamline how people Get Things Done in Lucid Meetings. A few bug fixes, as usual, but mostly rearranging and simplifying interactions to bring more joy to your day!

And here's a high level list:

  • Add a new in-meeting panel to show the agenda, purpose, and desired outcomesn
  • New dashboard layout to bring forward more actionable info, in a more condensed format
  • Simplification of user meeting records to simplify the default display
  • Work to encourage users to enter purpose and desired outcomes
  • Add the ability to refresh the agenda for a meeting series instance from the previous
  • Simplify the daily and weekly reminder email
  • Provide daily reminders for open action items, independent of whether there are meetings that day
  • Various bug fixes and minor enhancements
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